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European Programmes

The College of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property has a long history of seeking international agreements to enable improvements to be made to the situation of conservation-restoration education at a global level.

For many years, the College has taken part in numerous forums where debates are held on the future of the profession at an international level and, with this, the present and future of the education of conservators and restorers.

Thus, for instance, the ESCRBC was the first Spanish educational institution to form part of the European Network for Conservation-Restoration Education (ENCoRE), where we have always defended the need to create a common European framework that would serve as a reference point when training conservation-restoration professionals, and which would have to include a sufficient workload in specific subjects in the field.

Furthermore, in recent decades, the ESCRBC has participated in diverse international projects, such as producing a multilingual glossary of terms used in conservation and restoration, a long-term project on which it collaborated with the Secco Suardo Foundation (Italy), among other prestigious European institutions.

The ESCRBC has an Erasmus Charter. As fruit of this, in recent years, it has begun to participate both in the Erasmus Programme for student and teacher mobility within the European Higher Education Space and in the Leonardo Programme for the mobility of recent graduates in search of work experience within the EU.

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