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Extracurricular Activities

The ESCRBC organises extracurricular activities during the academic year, for its students, graduates and for anybody else interested in recycling or improving their training in specialist fields or in relation to conserving and restoring cultural property.

This section includes Work Experience that is traditionally offered during the summer, exclusively for students at our College. This summer work experience enables ESCRBC students to apply the knowledge they have acquired on their course "in situ", under conditions that cannot normally be reproduced in our restoration workshops. They also provide them with their first contact with what, for many of them, will soon become their working environment.

Apart from these summer work experience opportunities, during the 2012-13 academic year, which is now coming to a close, the ESCRBC has offered a wide variety of evening activities such as conferences on preventive conservation, and various courses such as gilding applied to binding, the conservation of photographic collections and the preservation of film materials. This July, we are planning the first summer course organised by ESCRBC. This first event will be dedicated to conservation practices in museums and collections.

What is more, for years the ESCRBC has played host to activities organised each week by the Spanish Association of Friends of Archaeology, of which it is a member of honour, as well as technical workshops organised each year by AESCROM, the association of students and ex-students of the College itself.

Speakers at these courses and conferences are always well-reputed professionals and, on occasion, they are also lecturers at ESCRBC. The costs of extracurricular activities are normally partly subsidised for students and ex-students of ESCRBC and participants receive the corresponding certificate of attendance, which they can request following the event.

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