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Summer Work Experience

In addition to the training offered to our students and as part of the care work performed by ESCRBC, various work experience opportunities are organised each year. Their main objective is to enable our students to experience the practical side of conservation and restoration in a dynamic similar to that of a real professional team. This work experience takes place during non-teaching periods (generally, but not always, in July) and during these events the selected students carry out their work under the management of a restoration professional and the supervision of a member of the College teaching staff.

Preferably, work experience takes place outside the College, since it aims to promote the handling of cultural property "in situ", where, due to its characteristics, it is difficult for this property to be handled in the Centre. For this reason, they are an excellent addition to training received on dealing with the restoration of murals, altarpieces, the recovery of pieces in archaeological excavations, interventions in archives or libraries, etc.

When the nature of the cultural property so requires, the work experience can take place at College facilities.

In order to offer work experience, the College has collaboration agreements in place with various institutions, which pay for the costs of the work performed. Logically, these costs are much lower than that of the same treatment if it were performed by professionals. This makes it possible to safeguard valuable examples of Spanish historic heritage that would otherwise be doomed to irreversible decay.

It is not obligatory for students or teachers to take part in work experience and it is subject to the offers that arise each term. Students' academic records are taken into account when selecting participants. It is Centre policy to promote this activity to the maximum and make it available to as many students as possible. In recent years, almost all interested students have been able to take part in work experience.

The College of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ESCRBC) considers one of its priorities to be facilitating access by students and teachers to all existing documentation related to the subjects taught here. This is especially so when the documentation is normally difficult to access due to its specific nature.


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